The Best Guns in Call of Duty

In Call of Duty, there are 115 guns. So you may find it difficult to choose the right one. MW3 has the highest number of weapons you can choose from because of the carry forward system which allows a user to use weapons that have been used in Call of Duty Mobile Warfare 2 in MWIII as long as you previously own a COD account

This article will give you the top 5 best guns in call of duty you can use to deal with the increased health pool of players easily while saving you the stress of deciding that gun for yourself. Read on to find out what they are. 

Top 5:

Before you can start using most of these Call of Duty best guns, you must be pretty high up on the COD ranks as this will enable a smooth transition into using these weapons. 


If you are looking for a weapon that can cover close, medium, and long-range battles effectively the MCW is your bet. It is not the most usable gun in Call of Duty for nothing because it has excellent accuracy, good damage, and recoil control. Which are all effective for battles. The MCW can be seen as Modern Warfare’s own ACR gun.  


Are you an SMG fan? Then, Striker is one of the best SMGs available of Call of duty games. This gun is also a favorite among top players. However, due to the nerfing the gun suffered during the release of the beta version the Striker is still among the Call of Duty best guns out there. The Striker is so effective that it still has a lot of power to kill an enemy from a long distance.


This classic gun is still among the best assault rifles out there. M4 is an old gun in the game but nothing beats its tested firearm. This classic gun makes the number 3 on our list because Call of Duty players always choose this gun as their go-to when it comes to rifles.  

Lachmann Sub

Have you been using the MP5 in Call of Duty games and you want to use this SMG to dominate the battlefield again? Then welcome Lachmann Subb. The new name of the MP5 was a popular choice for many players back in the day. The high fire rate of this gun is sure to overwhelm any enemy before they can regroup. For a good combo of quickness and power then you are covered. 

Lockwood 300

We know the power of a shotgun. It usually goes bang! And everywhere is in total silence. And if you are that type of player that likes 1 shot kills, blowing people through doors, or blowing the head into tiny droplets a shotgun is your best bet and the Lockwood 300’s can be considered the best shotgun available. The only downside to this gun is that you must be an expert aimer. Identifying the Call of Duty best guns is crucial for dominating the virtual battlefield and achieving victory against opponents. The best way to get the best out of the Lockwood 300 is by taking full advantage of the Maelstrom Dual Trigger, which makes the gun fire its two shells at once. Since you only have a chance to finish off the enemy before it hits reload you should aim accurately before shooting. 

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