Is CBD Legal In Florida?

Known for its warm climate, thrilling theme parks, and exotic beaches, Florida is one of the richest and most lively states in America. 

This sunny state has a very rich history of cannabis, and back in 2014, it became one of the very few states to establish a medical cannabis program. 

But what is CBD? Is it legal in Florida? Well, yes, CBD is completely legal in Florida, and you can easily buy it there through various online sites and physical stores. 

Florida is an early adopter of the 2018 farm bill and allows both production and consumption of products like CBD gummies, oils, vapes, capsules, and more. 

As per the latest reports, Florida is the second largest consumer of CBD products, registering over 290 million dollars in sales. 

You’ll notice many people in Florida on beaches casually roaming with CBD gummies in their backpacks and using them to chill down and relax in front of the ocean. Let’s learn more about this topic in detail and understand the nuances of CBD legality in Florida. 

What’s The Legal Status Of CBD In Florida?

As per the latest regulations, hemp-derived CBD products are legal in Florida as long as they don’t have more than 0.3% THC in them. 

THC is intoxicating in nature. Hence, the 2018 Farm Bill has made it mandatory to keep it under certain concentration levels. 

Marijuana-derived CBD products with more than 0.3% THC are illegal, though, and for a medical marijuana program, you’ll need a medical prescription from a certified medical professional.

Let’s Take A Look At The History Of CBD Laws In Florida

The positive attitude towards marijuana derivatives in Florida began in 2014 when lawmakers legalized the use of low THC  CBD oil for patients under the Florida medical marijuana program. 

This made CBD accessible for patients suffering from muscle pain, severe seizures, and many terminal illnesses. But for this medical marijuana use case, the CBD limit in oil was kept at 10% and the THC limit at no more than 0.8%. 

Then came the year 2016, and Florida citizens voted in favor of changes in the ongoing medical marijuana program. The new regulations increased the limit of THC and CBD content in medical marijuana products, allowing more and more patients with severe chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues to experience the benefits of cannabis and its derivatives. 

Hence many Florida citizens now prefer CBD for sleeping gummies instead of regular supplement options. 

In 2019, Florida became one of the early adopters of the federal farm bill. On July 1, 2019, the Florida government passed the State Hemp Program, which promotes hemp under the banner of agricultural commodities. 

Officially known as Senate Bill 1020, this ruling eliminated hemp and its derivatives, like CBD, from the controlled substance list. As per this bill, all hemp-derived CBD products are legal as long as they don’t have more than 0.3% of the intoxicating cannabinoid THC in them. 

In July 2023, the government further increased the restriction on hemp products by introducing the bill CS/SB 1676. 

This bill tightened the concentration levels of THC in hemp-derived CBD products by limiting them to 0.5 mg per serving, or up to 2 mg for the whole bottle or packet. There’s more to these bills about possession, production procedures, and more, which we will uncover now.

Important Aspects Of CBD Laws In Florida 

In terms of age limit, anyone over the age of 18 can buy CBD products in Florida, but for inhale products like CBD vapes, the minimum age limit is 21. 

All the CBD products being sold in Florida must have a proper label with a full list of ingredients and their concentration mentioned on it. 

Further, all packages must have a scannable QR code, which redirects the user to a lab test report of the product in question. The report must contain cannabinoid levels, data from heavy metal testing, and all other safety information. 

However, for consumers, it’s not compulsory to carry their oils or gummies in their original packaging, as long as you are not taking them to high-security areas like airports. 

All retail stores planning to sell CBD products must get a hemp food establishment permit issued by the Food Safety Division of the Agriculture and Consumer Services Department. 

People are not allowed to grow hemp plants in their homes, but some registered nurseries can do it in residential places. 

All hemp cultivators have to comply with the rulings of the Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Department, and their representative must be informed within 15 days of harvesting so that samples for safe THC limits can be collected. 

Where To Buy CBD In Florida?

There are plenty of places to buy CBD in Florida. The best and most convenient method for common folks is to buy CBD from online stores of trusted brands like Colorado Botanicals. They offer a large variety of unique and high-quality CBD products and only use organic production methods. 

This allows you to save time and the hassle of driving to the store. Online stores usually have much better sales and deals, and trusted brands like Colorado Botanicals also offer a subscription model, which cuts down on costs a lot for regular CBD users. 

The next option is licensed dispensaries, which fall under the state’s medical marijuana program. For this, you’ll need a medical marijuana card, and it’s only available for people with severe pain and mental health-related issues. 

The last option is to buy CBD directly through local brick-and-mortar stores. These stores allow you to physically check the product in hand, and some even give you flavor samples so that you can decide on your favorite gummy option. 


To sum it up, yes, CBD is legal in Florida, but it must not have more than 0.3% THC in it. Marijuana-derived CBD with high THC is also allowed, but only for those who have severe medical conditions and are a part of the state’s medical marijuana program. 

The age limit to buy CBD products is 18 in Florida, but for smokable products like CBD vapes, it’s 21. Almost all kinds of products, including gummies, tinctures, patches, topicals, and gummies, are easily available in Florida through both offline retail stores and online brand sites. 

People can legally carry CBD with them to all public places and use it as per their convenience in the open. But unlike some states, Florida does not allow you to grow your own cannabis plants at home. 

So if you are a new CBD user in Florida, it’s best to buy it from trusted brand sites like Colorado Botanicals, which offers high-quality, well-tested, and completely natural CBD products. 

Also, try to start your CBD journey with a low dose and increase your water intake, as it can make you slightly dehydrated. 

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